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Zoila Forss, Rosamaría Bolom y Roxana Crisólogo.

SALASANAT (passwords), multilingual encounters of poetry and art in Finland

Year 2013, Roxana Crisólogo, Zoila Forss and Rosamaría Bolom talked about the need to generate spaces to exchange glances and toughts using uttered words from the soul using poetry and art trying to restore the value of human relations nowadays. So arose Salasanat.

From 2014 to 2016, Salasanat was doing cooperation with Sivuvalo project, Third Space Collective, ArteFacto, CAISA International Cultural Centre  and many other cultural partners.

Thank to all artists, writers, musicians, poets, composers, dancers, painters, video artists, singers, juggles, photographers for your contributions in these live exchanges:

Orality, Talvitunnelma, Alku, Naisten Elämäntarinoita, Jälkilöyly, Caracol Multicultural, Voices of Independence, Songs of life & Death, Autumn Feelings, Sanahuone and Kehonvapaus.

For now the password -Salasanat-wait a while before re-emitting new frequencies.



Urban mural fragment by Viva Granlund

Nowadays Helsinki is becoming a running city such as other countries around the world. People need to be faster and time never is enough to do everything that they want to do. Our body is suffering social stress and few times we stop to ask or listen to our body desires.

Salasanat presents:


Art night club where you will free your body and sensations through spoken words, dance, visual arts, music and more.

On May 13th, 2016 from 19:30 to 22:30, you are very welcome to feel the abreaction experience in the International Cultural Centre CAISA.

Special guest: Pirata Boing Trio, which will accompany the interventions during the night and will give a great concert to free the bodies.

Salasanat is preparing the program to be published on 30.4

If you have a proposal for Kehonvapaus (Freedom of the Bodies) such as poetry, music, performance, song, etc., kindly send us by email to salasanat.fi@gmail.com before 24.4.2016 and let’s to free our bodies together.

CAISA International Cultural Centre. Mikonkatu 17C/ Vuorikatu 14. 00100 Helsinki.





Readers change. A language is as alive as its mutations.
A new translation updates a poem – created as a sublime,
select and enduring portrait of its language – into an object
which evokes the vitality at a given moment of another language.
For this reason it is and will continue to be a living practice.

Daniel Bencomo

During November the Culture Centre Caisa is displaying two wonderful exhibitions regarding language and its translation. The Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters (SKTL) and Sivuvalo Project are displayed the outcoming of their interesting labour.

In 2015, SKTL is celebrating its 60th anniversary. This exhibition have a compilation of 60 years of experience on Finnish language and all forms to make possible the understanding in  other languages and back. There is possibility to see “Spot of Traslator” videos about  work of translators in their work; also you can read a selections of literature books which have marked the life of Finnish society and to feel the artwork with illustration and translation by Riitta Oittinen and Anne Ketola called “Encounters”.


For its part, Sivuvalo is present in an interesting sound-multimedia exhibition by Colombian artists Paola Figueroa and Alejandro Olarte, where Sivuvalo presents the most relevant of their literature work in other languages than Finnish or Swedish during the last two years.


This sound-multimedia exhibition includes the literature work of Polina Kopylova, Zoila Forss, Ye Yin The Zwe, Daniel Malpica and Roxana Crisólogo among other authors. Also you can read the Sivuvalo book compilation and play “Concretoons”, an excellent interactive poetry game where you can decide which is your poetry feeling according your day´s emotion.


Remember that you have until November 27th to enjoy this great exhibition!



Communication beyond words: SANAHUONE


Nowadays it is important to do multicultural work to improve the communication beyond words. Poetry and art in all manifestations could be the best way to start a multilingual conversation.

For that reason Salasanat, The Sound Room of Third Space, Sivuvalo and Caisa are preparing SANAHUONE.

A place where poetry, sound art & audiovisual experimentation converge to re-create nocturnal soundscapes.

Friday 4th of September, from 19:00 to 22:30 hours.                                                        

CAISA International Cultural Centre. Mikonkatu 17C/ Vuorikatu 14. 00100 Helsinki.

About the artists:

Oliver and PK-5BW

Oliver Whitehead & P-K Keränen By Heikki Tuuli

Oliver – PK. Oliver Whitehead reads his poems accompanied with P-K Keränen, from 22-Pistepirkko, playing on electric guitar. Together they experiment, improvise and spontaneously weave words and sounds.


Ana Gutieszca

Ana Gutieszca. Visual & sound artist that explores the acoustic qualities of drawing through the sonification of graphite and its deconstruction into performance art. She is the curator of the Sound Room at Third Space and will be performing together with poets Roxana Crisólogo, Zoila Forss, Rosamaría Bolom and David Gambarte.

Picture by Joanna Lindén-Montes

Roxana Crisólogo By Joanna Lindén-Montes

Roxana Crisólogo. Poet interested in the interaction of visual, sound and digital elements in poetry language. She is coordinatingSivuvalo, is this Finnish literature”, a project supported by Kone Foundation.


Zoila Forss

Zoila Forss. Peruvian poet interested in visual arts. She is a social communicator and has published her first poetry book “Revontuli” last year.

Rosamaría Bolom

Rosamaría Bolom By Eeva Karhu

Rosamaría Bolom. Psychologist and multidisciplinary artist working with sculpture, painting and poetry. Her work is based on subjectivity, collectivity and human relations.


David Gambarte

David Gambarte. Poet and forest engineer. He participates in different projects and workshops related to literature and has published a collection of stories titled “Cuentos Expatriados”. He is currently preparing his poetry compilation book “El Cálculo de la soledad“.

Picture by Aleksis Salusjärvi.

Aura Nurmi By Aleksis Salusjärvi

Aura Nurmi. Performing writer and Chairwoman of Helsinki Poetry Connection. Her poetry performances are touching but also hilarious. She mixes the elements of traditional and spoken word poetry in her stage poems.

Pack your picnic basket, together with your poems and snacks of your choice, and welcome to share and enjoy the languages of the soul!





Making possible the multicultural exchange

SALASANAT-multilingual encounters of poetry and art, imagen designed By Daniel Malpica

SALASANAT-multilingual encounters of poetry and art, imagen designed By Daniel Malpica

During the first year, Salasanat has tried to enable multilingual places to share and exchange understanding through live words. Poetry, music, dance, performance and all art manifestations.

For that, Salasanat from 2013 to 2014 organized nine happenings and has worked coollaboration with different cultural partners, such as ArteFacto, Naisten Neuvontatoimisto Nro. 1, Arla Sauna, Pub Sirdie, [Radiador] Magazine, Third Space, The Latin American Cultural Centre, The Brasil-Finland Cultural Centre, Afaes, Finnish-Russian Speaking Writers, Logrus, Sibelius Academy -“Glomas”- Global Music Master, Sivuvalo project -that has been present from the beginning providing unconditional support- and also with the Intartional Culture Centre Caisa, which opened it’s doors to made possible the last three ”pic-nic” happenings.

Each one of the presentations has been a unique and unrepeatable experience.

Thanks to artists and all people for the memorable evenings!

haciendo visible lo multicultural fotografía Rosamar¡ia Bolom

Making possible the multicultural exchange

Autumn feelings

AutumnFeelings_Back-01 (2)

SALASANAT-multilingual encounters of poetry and art present: Autumn feelings”

For third time in this year, Caisa’s festivity hall will be transformed into an indoor picnic to enjoy a nice evening. Bring your own food, grab a space and some pillows on the floor, and enjoy a poetic picnic. 

Autumn feelings Poetry Club show spoken words in different languages, songs, music and performance.

To celebrate the arrival of winter and one year of Salasanat project, welcome to the dance on the grass with Latin Fusion Music DJ set by Andrés Cass and if you if you want so, welcome to share live words! 

Open stage to “Autumn feelings”.

AutumnFeelings_Front-01 (3)

Organizers: Salasanat, Sivuvalo project and Cultural Centre CAISA.

You are very welcome with any language!



Songs of life & death

SongsPoster-01 (8)

SALASANAT-multilingual encounters of poetry and art present:

Songs of life & death”

–2th Picnic Club–

31.10.14 at 19:00 hrs. 

CAISA, International Cultural Centre

::The event will be hosted by Kasper Salonen::

Invited Artists:

Poetry: Daniel Malpica (Mexico), Olga Svanberg (Russia), Rosamaría Bolom (Mexico),  Natalja Meri (Russia), Roxana Crisólogo (Peru) and Kasper Salonen (Finland).

Music: James Andean (Canada), Iiris Tarnanen (Finland) and Sergio Castrillón (Colombia).

You are welcome to share your emotions and other manifestations of the soul!!!

Organizers: Salasanat, Sivuvalo project, Sibelius Academy –Glomas- Global Music Master, Finnish-Russian Speaking Writers, Logrus and Cultural Centre Caisa.

Mikonkatu 17C/Vuorikatu 14, 00100 Helsinki.


Voices of independence

Latin america juhla

SALASANAT -multilingual encounters of poetry and art in Finland- in cooperation with Sivuvalo, El Centro Cultural Latinoamericano”, the Cultural Centre Brasil-Finlandia and the Cultural Centre CAISA, present:

Voices of independence: Contemporary Latin American literature and art feast.

-Romantic Picnic Club-

26.09.2014, 19:00 to 23:00 hrs.

Juhlasali, CAISA

5 euros, K-18

Welcome to share live words in all languages of soul!


Salvaje Mexica in Finland

This is not poetry, but it is very close to it.

From September 5th until October 2nd, Helsinki will receive the exhibition of contemporary engraving “Salvaje Mexica”, made by one of the most talented Mexican artist, Humberto Valdéz, as part of the celebrations around the Independence of Mexico and the 50th Anniversary of the establishment of Embassies in Finland and Mexico in the festivity intituled “Mexican Cultural Month”, organized by the Embassy of Mexico in the International Cultural Centre Caisa.

The graphic work of Master Valdez, has been awarded and recognized in National and International Biennials and Competitions during the last years. He also has been the founder of the Taller “La Imagen del Rinoceronte” and initiator of the first National movement in Mexico of Talleres de Grabado with the initiatives “A Tiro de Fuego” and “Coediciones de 10, calls whose main aims are to do an compilation and documentation in respect to engraving that occurs in all the Mexican Republic.

Humberto Vladéz

Humberto Valdéz

Salvaje Mexica is an excellent oportunity to see, to smell and to enjoy this facinating proposal of engraving in large format that show the different faces and scenarios that living in a big city once called Tenochtitlán was like.

La Democracia de la Patria

Also, in the “Mexican Cultural Month” you will see the art proposal of Mexican artist resident in Finland, such as of glass design of Itzel Labra, the drows of Ana Gutieszca, the papel sculpture made by Rosamaría Bolom, the ecological jewellery “Toinen Elämä” of Jaime de Vizcaya and the wonderful collection of Mexican dresses of María Estrada.

See you in Caisa!!!

Mikonkatu 17 C, 00100 Helsinki


More information about Humberto Valdéz