Songs of life & death

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SALASANAT-multilingual encounters of poetry and art present:

Songs of life & death”

–2th Picnic Club–

31.10.14 at 19:00 hrs. 

CAISA, International Cultural Centre

::The event will be hosted by Kasper Salonen::

Invited Artists:

Poetry: Daniel Malpica (Mexico), Olga Svanberg (Russia), Rosamaría Bolom (Mexico),  Natalja Meri (Russia), Roxana Crisólogo (Peru) and Kasper Salonen (Finland).

Music: James Andean (Canada), Iiris Tarnanen (Finland) and Sergio Castrillón (Colombia).

You are welcome to share your emotions and other manifestations of the soul!!!

Organizers: Salasanat, Sivuvalo project, Sibelius Academy –Glomas- Global Music Master, Finnish-Russian Speaking Writers, Logrus and Cultural Centre Caisa.

Mikonkatu 17C/Vuorikatu 14, 00100 Helsinki.