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Last September 26th, at the heart of Helsinki, there was celebrated the first Contemporary Festival of Poetry & Arts of Latin American ”Voices of Independece” in the International Cultural Centre CAISA.

In the atmosphere of picnic day and as part of cultural collaboration Salasanat, Sivuvalo, Caisa, the Cultural Centre Brasil-Finlandia and the Latin American Cultural Centre realized this encounter of poets and artists aimed to creation and reflection with reference to freedom, evocation, remoteness and nostalgia.

For this celebratation the password was ”Independence” alluding Latin countries that in September celebrate their Independence’s day: Brasil, Nicaragua, Chile, Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica and, of course to dedicate this happening to all countries of this region called ”Latin America”.

We shared emotions and the lenguage was not a barrier at all!

To start the festival, Jaana Lindman, Cultural Producer of Caisa brought warm words to inagurate the first romantic picnic club. Rosamaría Bolom, Salasanat coordinator, thanked Jaana, Tomi Purovaara and all staff from Caisa for this oportunity. Also, she thanked all people that made possible this festival.

After opening words, the programme continued:


Aurinko, Música de Latinoamerica Ry opened the program with an emotional concert entitled ”Romanssi Auringon alla”.

Clara Petrozzi, Grisell Macdonell and Rafael Junchaya palyed a beautiful selection of classical pieces of Latin America, such as ”O canto do cisne negro” (Heitor Villa-Lobos, Brasil), ”Estrellita” (Manuel M. Ponce, Mexico), ”Oblivion” and the memorable thema ”El día que me quieras” of celebrate Argentinan composer Carlos Gardel. They concert was full of tenderness and melancholic.

Aurinko – música de Latinoamérica ry is a non-profit cultural association founded in Helsinki in 2009. The goal Aurinko is to promote Latin American art music in Finland and the world.

Yesmith Sánchez

The Mexican journalist and writer, Yesmith Sánchez, filled the place with his voice and she shared two emotive writings of his own.

Reflection at the distance” composition about the reminiscences and emotions updates in this remoteness: “how beautiful is the motherland …(que bonita es la patria …) the real and reinvented motherland that is coming to us through memories.

And a beautiful narrative dedicated “to Chasa”, Chilean photographer Chasa Baudrand about the freedom and being born in a limited space.

Yesmith is a mexican journalist living in Finland since 2008, she is an amateur writer and topics like bilingualism, multiculturalism and immigration are highly relevant to her. She writes short stories mostly in Spanish and eventually translated into English

Camilo Pajuelo

The Peruvian musician and researcher, Camilo Pajuelo, bring us the recital “Poetry and guitar from Latin America”.

Masterful interpretation with a feeling of longing made by Camilo Pajuelo included texts of unpublished poems by Peruvian Juan Rumi, “Textamento y don para Eva”, “Musicaand Tiempo de Silencioaccompanied respectively by the following interpretations on guitar: “Danza de la Paloma enamorada” (Atahualpa Yupanqui) Danza de Tijeras (arrangement by Manuelcha Prado) and Azul -II Danza composed by Camilo Pajuelo.

Camilo Pajuelo (Huancayo, Peru 1973) musician and researcher. Has studied guitar performance at the National Conservatory of Music of Lima, and has received his Master of Arts from the University of Helsinki. He is currently working towards his doctoral degree at the Department of Musicology of the University of Helsinki.

Tanja Tynjälä

The Peruvian writer, Tanya Tynjälä brought a sensitive monologue-refletion about “Home”. Where is the place that gives to self own identity? What referents and connections remind from the origin to the present? How we build this evocation at the present times?

Tanya Tynjäla was born in Peru and currently resides in Finland, after living in France an the Philippines. She studied at the Escuela Normal de Monterrico in Lima, Peru, and later on pursued her Master’s degree in French as a Foreign Language at the Stendhal University, Grenoble 3 in France. At present, she is finishing her doctorate in French language and literature at the University of Helsinki.

askelten palo

To end the first part of the program, Askelten Palo Ry presented colorful folk dances from Andean region.

Nieves Vuoristo, Cristina Gómez, Janeth Matamoros, Isabel Granados, Milton Untiveros and Mirco Pavicic gave us a musical tour with hints of mysticism and really full of passion. The first dance was Quechua dance dedicated to rain ”Paras”, the tour continued with Chielan ”Urban Cueca”, whose origins date back to the 50’s and show incidents from marginal neighbourhoods and to end the travel for the Andean landscapes, Askelten Palo presented ”Caporales” from Bolivia.

Askelten Palo Ry is a cultural organization formed by representatives of Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Finland that promote traditional music and dances of Andean countries. At the same time encourage the interaction among Latin American people living in Finland, and facilitate their integration to the Finnish cultural environment through the music and dance.

Centro Cultural Brasil-Finlandia

To continue with the program the Cultural Centre Brasil-Finlandia performed a tribute to Vinícius de Moraes.

Maila-Kaarina Rantanen, Patrícia Ribeiro, Helena Noto, Bianca Benini and Fábio de Oliveira, they gave poems of one of the great names of bossa nova. Poems and songs, such as “Lamento”, “Eu sei que vou te Amar”, “Garota de Ipanem” and more, where performed with a touch of freshness that only the bossa nova has.

Tribute to Vinícius de Moraes, songs and poetry by The Brazil-Finland Cultural Center honors the unforgettable Brazilian diplomat, poet and songwriter, one of the great names of bossa nova, in a pocket show uniting beautiful songs and inspiring poetry.

marcel jaentschke

The talented Nicaraguan writer, Marcel Jaentschke projected the poetic short film based on his own novel ”Banana Republic” with original images of Nicaragua. This interesting short film make us feel the fascinating world of this Nicaraguan writer.

Marcel Jaentschke is a Nicaraguan writer. He has studied philosophy and sociology, as well as Japanese language and literature. He has published on 2012 an collection of poems “Dilatada República de las Luces” and He has won two prestigious Nicaraguan Literary awards. 

Leonardo Sevilla

The Mexican writer Leonardo Sevilla performed a poet inspired by ”Voice of Independence”. Written as monologue, Tertulia’s founder made reference to globetrotters, the diversity and richness that multiculturalism gives to Finnish society. This poem ends with an reflection about existential methapore for eternal recurrence.

Leonardo Sevilla is a Mexican writer. He studied Social Anthropology and since 1983 he lives in Helsinki. He is Spanish teacher, poet and novelist; since 10 years ago has been the coordinator of the cultural meetings of the Latin American Cultural Center and has organized several political events.

Cherry Ash

To end the scenic part, Cherry Ash, Marle Vázquez and Balam Ek gave their heart with Lokura energetic acustic concert.

Cherry Ash presented such songs as ”The night is full of colors” and ”Sola” made the audience fly with a powerful energy.

Cherry-ash acoustic, energy-filled performances and memorable melodies are what makes Cherry-ash fly!

Sergio Castrillón

To end the program, DJ Andres Cass made the people crazy with Latin fusion music ending the evening with a dance.

Thank to all people that shared live emotions and special thank to:

Maila-Kaarina Rantanen from Brasil-Finland Cultural Centre, Carlos Llamas from Latin American Cultural Centre, Roxana Crisólogo from Sivuvalo, Lala Magaña  and Jaime Culebro  for the greats pictures!


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