Urban mural fragment by Viva Granlund

Nowadays Helsinki is becoming a running city such as other countries around the world. People need to be faster and time never is enough to do everything that they want to do. Our body is suffering social stress and few times we stop to ask or listen to our body desires.

Salasanat presents:


Art night club where you will free your body and sensations through spoken words, dance, visual arts, music and more.

On May 13th, 2016 from 19:30 to 22:30, you are very welcome to feel the abreaction experience in the International Cultural Centre CAISA.

Special guest: Pirata Boing Trio, which will accompany the interventions during the night and will give a great concert to free the bodies.

Salasanat is preparing the program to be published on 30.4

If you have a proposal for Kehonvapaus (Freedom of the Bodies) such as poetry, music, performance, song, etc., kindly send us by email to before 24.4.2016 and let’s to free our bodies together.

CAISA International Cultural Centre. Mikonkatu 17C/ Vuorikatu 14. 00100 Helsinki.