sivuvalo kirjaDuring the last months, Salasanat has collaborated closely with Sivuvalo, in their mission for to make visible the immigrant and non-immigrant writers through debates, workshops and poetry performances, besides to promote multilingual encounters of poetry and art in Finland through live words.

On May 24, 2014 as part of Maailman Kylässä, World Village Festival in Finland, Sivuvalo, and [Radiador] Magazine presented an artisanal poetry book compilation with literary work of foreigner  authors residing in Finland, who write in their native languages. The book publication was supported by the Finnish Editorial Into Kustannus.

The writers included in this publication are: Marcel Jaentschke (Nicaragua), Diana Mistera (Italy), Mohamed Ahmed Haji Omar (Somalia/Suomi), David Gambarte (Spain), Rosamaria Bolom (Mexico), Maila-Kaarina Rantanen (Brasil), Tanya Tynjälä (Peru), Polina Kopylova (Russia), Daniel Malpica (Mexico) and Roxana Crisólogo (Peru). 

This Book compilation has its own trailer projection with the music composed by the Mexican artist Ana Gutieszca and edited By Spanish filmmaker, Anna Recasens.