SALASANAT at modern times


During the last years, the people around the world are moving actively for multiples reasons. The globalization bit by bit “opens borders”, while it also creates fears. Fears to the new, fears of unknown, fears of the unidentified, fears of the other.

 In the current system is very common to experience culture shock due to the absence and dismantlement of programs to encourage social interaction from multiculturalism.

Borders and walls growing on the walls nearby mental to contain “the own identity”,  understanding identity as being identical disposed by someone else. 

The social programs in Finland have attempted to support immigrants for the point of view of economical integration, but still have a lot to do with social affairs. Meanwhile the foreign  community has developed cultural proposals for maintaining their identity in social integration beyond the superficial.

Also Finland has sociocultural integration alternatives , but there is a need for other ways that allow us to return to the equitable social interaction  from needs faced by migrants Finnish society and around the world.

In order to open alternative spaces to help the social-cultural integration and for restoring the value of words in the modern society,  SALASANAT proposes to start a multilingüal dialogue to improve the social relations through live words.