autumn feelings

AutumnFeelings_Front-01 (3)

Autumn Feelings postal designed By Daniel Malpica. Picture By Jaime Culebro

Autumn Feelings was the Anniversary happening to celebrate one year of Salasanat, and the last “Pic-nic Club” realized in co-production with the Caisa International Cultural Centre Helsinki and with the  Sivuvalo support .

For this ocassion the Salasanat password was all representations of “Autumn Feelings”.

Paintings, poetry, improvisation of the cello, songs of peace & love, tango-flamenco fusion, Quechúa poetry through sikuris panfle and songs of protest, were part of the menu.

francisco S

Francisco Sánchez-Molina’s paintings, picture By Jaime Culebro

The Mexican painter Francisco Sánchez-Molina shared his art proposal about the human figure and the course of the time. A selection of his paintings allowed to see the human body starkly, without skin beyond its humanity achieving an inmmediate impact to hold the viewer’s atention.

Francisco Sánchez Molina, Mexican painter. He has exhibited in several countries including Mexico, the UK and Spain. The human figure and course of the time has been the main theme in Francisco’s work.

francisco Samo

Sergio Castrillón playing cello solo improvisation, picture By Jaime Culebro

Sergio Castrillón, who is working closely with Salasanat feeding the poetry & art interventions, in this ocassion, accompanied with Francisco Sánchez-Molina´s paintings with a cello solo improvisation. The mix between Francisco’s paintings and Sergio’s sounds was interesting chiaroscuro of autumn night.

Ye Yint Thet Zwe by Jaime Culebro

The sensitive Burman poet Ye Yint Thet Zwe, opened his being to share his wonderful poetry with the soul. Ye Yint transformed to become a strong vibration that touched the audience as a flow of gentle waves. ”The Winter Birds Have Come Home” and ”Julia” poems remain in the memories of the audience.

Ye Yint Thet Zwe, Burmese editor of poetry in ”Burma today online media”, freelance reporter and photographer. In 2009, he left Burma for political reasons. Ye Yint has published three collections of his poems in electronic form. Publishing a printed book was impossible in Burma for political reasons, but now he is planning again to do so. “I wish to publish a hardback poetry collection before I die.”

Liza Umorovaa

Liza Umorova By Jaime Culebro

The Chechen singer Liza Umorova, gave an emotive performance. She sang with heart and although there were some technical problems, her voice was light of hope to await the next spring.

Liza Umarova, Chechen pop singer-songwriter whose repertoire includes Chechen songs calling for peace and reconciliation in the North Caucasus. She is regarded by many as the most popular Chechen singer today and her poignant music on Chechnya and the Chechen has led many to call her the Chechen Edit Piaf.

Rodrigo Espinoza

Rodrigo Espinoza By Jaime Culebro

The Chilean flameco guitarist player, Rodrigo Espinoza, offered a tribute to Legendary Spanish guitarist, Paco de Lucia. The talented fingers of Rodrigo Espinoza managed to captivate the audience with his masterful interpretation.

Rodrigo Espinoza, Chilean guitarist living in Finland for the last 10 years where he has specialized in flamenco guitar and jazz. Rodrigo has played with Cinta Hermo and Miguel Rojas.


Tristana Ferreira and Grisell Macdonel By Jaime Culebro

The Trío Ferreira-Macdonell-Espinoza, shaped by the Argentina singer Tristana Ferreira, the Mexican musician Grisell Macdonel and the Chilean Flamenco guitar player Rodrigo Espinoza. They played a selection of Argentine tangos with a touch of flamenco sounds that cautivated the audience.

Trio Ferreyra-Macdonel-Espinoza composed by Tristana Ferreyra (Argentina), Grisell Macdonel (Mexico) and Rodrigo Espinoza (Chile) performs music from Argentina and by combining the musical styles of its members it creates fresh interpretations of the Argentinean traditional musical styles such as tango, milonga and zamba, etc.

Daniel Olguin

Daniel Olguín By Jaime Culebro

The Chilean musician Daniel Olguín dedicated two songs of protest in memory of Ayotzinapa’s 43 students dissapeared in Mexico on September 2014. Manifesto of Chilean songwriter, Víctor Jara, was sung for the public together with Daniel Olguín.

Valon Aika Sikuri by Jaime Culebro

Valon Aika Sikuri by Jaime Culebro

The Valon Aika Sikuri FinlAndean presented ”The Wind Connections” a wonderful sikuri panflu presentation which included a Quichú ritual for the First year of Salasanat

Lanamo, Esteban Amazon, Misha Aroson, Minna Tamminen, Daniel Casani, Hugo Chili, Daniel Olguín, Elías Chafloque and Cesar Aguilar shared their energy, sounds and songs and motivated the audience to sing with them ”Kohateñita” traditional Quechúa song.

The siku panflute comes from the Andes mountains in South America. This is a communal instrument requiring a call and response. With a melody being created only through the interviewing of the two voices of the flutes played together.

This is a song of celebration and praise. The words to the song are in Quechua language, and mean from eternity you are coming singing and dancing, beautiful creator of time beautiful mother earth.

sikuris aniversario

Valon Aika sikuri pan flute musicians with Trsitana Ferreira and Rosamaría Bolom, photography By Jaime Culebro

To end the evening and to celebrate with the public Salasanat, artists and the audience shared food and good emotions in a collective picnic.

Thanks to all people for the wonderful emotions and specially thank to Caisa’s staff people: Kari Gratseff, Jimmy Hung, Vladimir Guralevich, Johanna Kumpulainen, Tomi Purovaara and Jaana Lindman for all support during the ”Picnic club happenings”.

And more thanks to Jaime Culebro for the great pictures!

AutumnFeelings_Back-01 (2)

Salasanat “Autumn Feelings” postal designed By Daniel Malpica


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