songs of life & death

songs lifeanddeath

Songs of life & death, imagen designed By Daniel Malpica

Songs of life & death was a beautiful collective creation realized in Caisa by poets and musicians last October 31, 2014.

For this ocassion and as part of cultural proposal co-produced with Caisa, in cooperation with Sivuvalo, Sibelius Academy -“Glomas“- Global Music Master, Logrus and the Finnish-Russian speaking writers, Salasanat organized a wonderful happening that writers and muicians dedicated to 43 students from the “Escuela Normal Raúl Isidro Burgos” in Ayotzinapa, Guerrero,  disappeared in Mexico on September 2014.

Kasper Salonen hosted the emotive night full of songs, poetry and espontaneas interventions around the ”life and death”.

microfono abierto

open mic By Jaime Culebro

The night started with songs of love interpreted by the writers from the Finnish-Russian speaking writers, Olga Svanberg and Meri Natalja accompanied by the Finnish singer, Iiris Tarnanen.

Olga Svanberg and Iiris Tarnanen

Olga Svanberg & Iiris Tarnanen By Jaime Culebro

Their words and sounds of love, got profound emotions through the  language of soul, that was potentiated with strings of piano, kantele y metal sound achieve an romantic atmosphere.

natalja meri

Natalja Meri & Iiiris Tarnanen By Jaime Culebro

Olga Svanberg is a writer, poet and translator. She was born in St. Petersburg and now lives in Helsinki.

Natalia Meri has lived in Russia, Estonia, Cairo and Algeria. At the present time, she lives in Finland and his poems have been continuously published in the Journal “Vieraat Rannat” since year 2002.

Iiris Tarnanen is a musician and music educator living in Helsinki. Iiris encourages everyone to enjoy their time with music and art and to free their body and soul to live through the life with joy! 

Roxana Crisólogo By Ye Yint the Zwe

Roxana Crisólogo By Ye Yint Thet Zwe

The songs for death where interpreted in spanish by the Peruvian writer, Roxana Crisólogo and the Mexican multidisciplinary artists, Rosamaría Bolom.

Roxana Crisólogo made a parallelism of Ayotzinapa between the Cantuta Masacre in Peru (1992) for its proximity to the facts. Nine students and one techer from the Normal School Entique Guzmán y Valle were kidnapped and disappeared by Peruvian army. Roxana’s interventions was accompanied by Sergio Castrillón’s Cello sounds and visual intervention made by Daniel Malpica.

Roxana Crisólogo is a Peruvian poet living in Finland, for her poetry has to take risks. Poetry has to meet and face sound, music and visual arts to explore unreachable dimensions of human expression.

Sergio Andrés Castrillón Arcila. Colombian artist interested in sound and any artistic manifestation. As performer he enjoys a constant activity as Cellist of Contemporary Music, (especially Latin American) improvisation works with new technologies and collaboration works with theatre performers, poetry and contemporary dance.

Sergio Castrillón and James Andean

Sergio Castrillón By Jaime Culebro

Rosamaría Bolom, performed in spanish a “song for souls in torment” dedicated to the parents of Ayotzinapa students and to people that are looking for their children in any part of Mexico. The Canadan musician, James Andean gave a strong atmosphere with electronic sounds improvisation.

Rosamaría Bolom is a psychologist, poet and artist. At the present she is coordinator of Salasanat project and also, she is cultural producer and co-founder of Third Space in Helsinki.

James Andean is a musician and sound artist, he is is a founding member of improvisation and new music quartet Rank Ensemble and interdisciplinary improvisation ensemble The Tuesday Group, and one half of audiovisual performance art duo Plucié/DesAndes.

James Andean

James Andean By Jaime Culebro

The Finnish writer Kasper Salonen showed his talent for reciting her poems and accompanied by Iiris Tarnanen and James Andean, interpreted a emotive performance inspirated by the literary work of Lovecraft.

Kasper Salonen is a Finnish poet. He performs in both English and Finnish, mostly spoken word, and loves the sound of closing doors but hates the sight of locked ones. Salonen also works as a freelance translator. He lives in Helsinki. 

Kasper Salonen and James Andean

Kasper Salonen By Jaime Culebro

To ending the first part of the program, the Mexican poet and graphic designer, Daniel Malpica presented her poetry-score-visual project that shares with the Colombian improvisation musician, Sergio Castrillón “Written with X”, Daniel Malpica visual poetry to mix the Sergio’s score.

Daniel Malpica By Jaime Culebro

Daniel Malpica By Jaime Culebro

Daniel Malpica is a Mexican poet, designer & publisher living in Finland, where he is working in several cultural projects.

hous band

The second part was a opened with a experimental improvisation concert by the “House Band”. Iiris Tarnanen, James Andean and Sergio Castrillón, who also accompanied the people that share their talents during the open jam.

Outi Korhonen at free Jam

Outi Korhonen By Jaime Culebro

Cristel Graña San Macario (Spain), César Aguilar Alcedo (Peru), Ye Yint Thet Zwe (Burma), Mark Mitchell (United Kindom), Liza Umorova (Chechen), Rodrigo Espinoza (Chile), Stephanie Mazón (Mexico), Outi Korhonen (Finland), Carlos Llamas (Mexico), Meri Tuulia (Finland) and other people shared songs, dances, music, spoken words, and many ocassions, the public espontaneously interacted in the open jam.

people enjoy the open Jam

This wonderful collective happening was directed by Greek musician, Laonikos Psimikoukou, from Sibelius Academy -“Glomas”.

James Andean2

Instruments of James Andean By Jaime Culebro

Thanks to all cultural friends and specially to Caisa’s staff people: Johanna Rissinen, Kari Gratseff, Jimmy Hung, Vladimir Guralevich, Jenni Peisa, Johanna Kumpulainen, Tomi Purovaara and Jaana Lindman for the nice energy.

Thanks to all people that shared live emotions and special thank to Jaime Culebro, for the greats pictures!


Songs of life & death poster designed By Daniel Malpica

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