Runokuu (Poetry Month) of Helsinki

In the last edition of the most important festival of poetry in Helsinki “Runokuu”, the Mexican duo “Benerva”, Benjamín Moreno and Minerva Reynosa presented their digital and poetry performance in the Lavaklubi of the Finnish National Theater, last August 23th, 2014.


During the performance, the Finnish audience could appreciate this innovative proposal that combines the digital with poetry to show the borders of lenguage between the marginal and the transmodernity, achieving in the public a reflection about changes in everyday life in global word.

This performance was possible thanks to Embassy of Mexico in Finland, wich is very interesting in promoting new proposals for the cultural scence in Mexico.

Minerva Reynosa

Minerva Reynosa

Also, as part of ”Runokuu Festival”, Sivuvalo, it is Finnish literature? and European Theater Collective presented “Satakielikaupunki, a presentation where it was possible to enjoy the cultural proposal made by immigrant artists.


Sivuvalo presented one part of the project “The City Ghettos of today” that is coming in September in Cultural Centre Stoa. Through a musical-poetic travel around Helsinki, the writers: Roxana Crisólogo (Peru), Polina Kopylova (Russia), Yousif Abu (Irak) and Daniel Malpica (Mexico), accompanied by Colombian musician Sergio Castrillón shared their experiences of Helsinki, which inspired some of their writings and they have been embodied in a digital map that you can see here:

Sivuvalo´s poets

Sivuvalo’s poets: Yousif Abu, Roxana Crisólogo, Polina Kopylova, Outi Korhonen, Sergio Castrillón and Daniel Malpica

Meanwhile, European Theater Collective presented “Finnphonia Emigrantica”, shows stories about being Finnish, written by Finnish authors – but this time performed by immigrant artists in their own mother tongue.

Finnphonia Emigrantica

Ágnes Kaszás

The wonderful presentation was given by artists: Romulus Chiciuc (Romania-Finland), Mad Ice (Uganda-Finland), Ágnes Kaszás (Hungary-Finland), Olga Shishkina (Romania-Finland), Sara Soulié (Denmark) directed by David Kozma (Romania-Finland).



sivuvalo kirjaDuring the last months, Salasanat has collaborated closely with Sivuvalo, in their mission for to make visible the immigrant and non-immigrant writers through debates, workshops and poetry performances, besides to promote multilingual encounters of poetry and art in Finland through live words.

On May 24, 2014 as part of Maailman Kylässä, World Village Festival in Finland, Sivuvalo, and [Radiador] Magazine presented an artisanal poetry book compilation with literary work of foreigner  authors residing in Finland, who write in their native languages. The book publication was supported by the Finnish Editorial Into Kustannus.

The writers included in this publication are: Marcel Jaentschke (Nicaragua), Diana Mistera (Italy), Mohamed Ahmed Haji Omar (Somalia/Suomi), David Gambarte (Spain), Rosamaria Bolom (Mexico), Maila-Kaarina Rantanen (Brasil), Tanya Tynjälä (Peru), Polina Kopylova (Russia), Daniel Malpica (Mexico) and Roxana Crisólogo (Peru). 

This Book compilation has its own trailer projection with the music composed by the Mexican artist Ana Gutieszca and edited By Spanish filmmaker, Anna Recasens.



Sivuvalo, [Radiador] Magazine and Salsanat invite you this weekend (May 24 and 25) to enjoy Maailman Kylässä, World Village Festival in Finland.

This year the guests are Latin American countries. 

As part of the program, you will enjoy the Sivuvalo multicultural project, literature made by resident writers in Finland. In this presentation you will know the first publication made by Sivuvalo and [Radiador] Magazine, a artisanal compilation of migrant writers who live in Suomi.

Niasten päivä JÄLKILÖYLYT


Salasanat, Sivuvalo, Naisten Neuvontantoimisto Nro. 1 ja Arla Sauna


“Naisten päivän JÄLKILÖYLYT”

Hello women, welcome to share ”nude words through poetry, music, songs, performance or other artistic manifestation.

A todas las mujeres, bienvenidas a compartir palabras desnudas a través de poesía, música, canto, perormance o otra manifestación artística de la palabra.

Hei nainen, tule jakamaan kanssamme alastomat sanat saunassa -lausumalla, laulamalla, runoilemalla, piirtämällä, esiintymällä performanssin tai sanojen avulla.

09.03.2014, 18:00-20:00 hrs.  Arla Sauna (Kaarlenkatu 15, 00510 Helsinki). 

10 € pääsy/entrada/entry 

Contact us and send your proposal before 06.03.14, or come directly to share your emotions in the sauna!

Toma contacto y envíanos tu propuesta antes del 06.03.14, o ven directamente a compartir tus emociones!

Ota yhteyttä ja lähettä meille ehdotuksiasi 06.03.14 mennessä: tai tule suoraan jakamaan tunteita Saunassa!

Welcome with any language! Todas las lenguas bienvenidas! Kaikki kielet ovat tervetulleita! 

Salasanat 2014


Salasanat is an invitation, a pretext, a place to share live words, when thoughts and glances are exchanged.

During this year, Salasanat is planning several meetings.

On March 8, at Woman’s Day, Salasanat is making cooperation with Caisa (Mikonkatu 17 C), International Culture Center. You are welcome to celebrate with us, from 11:00 to 21:00 hrs. At 15:00 hours, we have a happening  “Elämäntarinoita-Womens life stories”. The program will be ready soon.

On March 9, we continue celebrating the Woman’s Day. Salasanat, Sivuvalo, Naisten Neuvontatoimisto Nro. 1 and Arla Sauna present: Jälkilöylyt (essence). Welcome you to share nude words, poetry and conversations in the sauna. Kaarlenkatu 15, at 18:00 to 20:00 pm. The call is open!

And in May,  as part of Kallio Kukkii and into the Maailmankirja, we are preparing more presentations.

Soon more information about happenings.

SALASANAT at modern times


During the last years, the people around the world are moving actively for multiples reasons. The globalization bit by bit “opens borders”, while it also creates fears. Fears to the new, fears of unknown, fears of the unidentified, fears of the other.

 In the current system is very common to experience culture shock due to the absence and dismantlement of programs to encourage social interaction from multiculturalism.

Borders and walls growing on the walls nearby mental to contain “the own identity”,  understanding identity as being identical disposed by someone else. 

The social programs in Finland have attempted to support immigrants for the point of view of economical integration, but still have a lot to do with social affairs. Meanwhile the foreign  community has developed cultural proposals for maintaining their identity in social integration beyond the superficial.

Also Finland has sociocultural integration alternatives , but there is a need for other ways that allow us to return to the equitable social interaction  from needs faced by migrants Finnish society and around the world.

In order to open alternative spaces to help the social-cultural integration and for restoring the value of words in the modern society,  SALASANAT proposes to start a multilingüal dialogue to improve the social relations through live words.