Readers change. A language is as alive as its mutations.
A new translation updates a poem – created as a sublime,
select and enduring portrait of its language – into an object
which evokes the vitality at a given moment of another language.
For this reason it is and will continue to be a living practice.

Daniel Bencomo

During November the Culture Centre Caisa is displaying two wonderful exhibitions regarding language and its translation. The Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters (SKTL) and Sivuvalo Project are displayed the outcoming of their interesting labour.

In 2015, SKTL is celebrating its 60th anniversary. This exhibition have a compilation of 60 years of experience on Finnish language and all forms to make possible the understanding in  other languages and back. There is possibility to see “Spot of Traslator” videos about  work of translators in their work; also you can read a selections of literature books which have marked the life of Finnish society and to feel the artwork with illustration and translation by Riitta Oittinen and Anne Ketola called “Encounters”.


For its part, Sivuvalo is present in an interesting sound-multimedia exhibition by Colombian artists Paola Figueroa and Alejandro Olarte, where Sivuvalo presents the most relevant of their literature work in other languages than Finnish or Swedish during the last two years.


This sound-multimedia exhibition includes the literature work of Polina Kopylova, Zoila Forss, Ye Yin The Zwe, Daniel Malpica and Roxana Crisólogo among other authors. Also you can read the Sivuvalo book compilation and play “Concretoons”, an excellent interactive poetry game where you can decide which is your poetry feeling according your day´s emotion.


Remember that you have until November 27th to enjoy this great exhibition!

Making possible the multicultural exchange

SALASANAT-multilingual encounters of poetry and art, imagen designed By Daniel Malpica

SALASANAT-multilingual encounters of poetry and art, imagen designed By Daniel Malpica

During the first year, Salasanat has tried to enable multilingual places to share and exchange understanding through live words. Poetry, music, dance, performance and all art manifestations.

For that, Salasanat from 2013 to 2014 organized nine happenings and has worked coollaboration with different cultural partners, such as ArteFacto, Naisten Neuvontatoimisto Nro. 1, Arla Sauna, Pub Sirdie, [Radiador] Magazine, Third Space, The Latin American Cultural Centre, The Brasil-Finland Cultural Centre, Afaes, Finnish-Russian Speaking Writers, Logrus, Sibelius Academy -“Glomas”- Global Music Master, Sivuvalo project -that has been present from the beginning providing unconditional support- and also with the Intartional Culture Centre Caisa, which opened it’s doors to made possible the last three ”pic-nic” happenings.

Each one of the presentations has been a unique and unrepeatable experience.

Thanks to artists and all people for the memorable evenings!

haciendo visible lo multicultural fotografía Rosamar¡ia Bolom

Making possible the multicultural exchange

Songs of life & death

SongsPoster-01 (8)

SALASANAT-multilingual encounters of poetry and art present:

Songs of life & death”

–2th Picnic Club–

31.10.14 at 19:00 hrs. 

CAISA, International Cultural Centre

::The event will be hosted by Kasper Salonen::

Invited Artists:

Poetry: Daniel Malpica (Mexico), Olga Svanberg (Russia), Rosamaría Bolom (Mexico),  Natalja Meri (Russia), Roxana Crisólogo (Peru) and Kasper Salonen (Finland).

Music: James Andean (Canada), Iiris Tarnanen (Finland) and Sergio Castrillón (Colombia).

You are welcome to share your emotions and other manifestations of the soul!!!

Organizers: Salasanat, Sivuvalo project, Sibelius Academy –Glomas- Global Music Master, Finnish-Russian Speaking Writers, Logrus and Cultural Centre Caisa.

Mikonkatu 17C/Vuorikatu 14, 00100 Helsinki.

Salasanat 2014


Salasanat is an invitation, a pretext, a place to share live words, when thoughts and glances are exchanged.

During this year, Salasanat is planning several meetings.

On March 8, at Woman’s Day, Salasanat is making cooperation with Caisa (Mikonkatu 17 C), International Culture Center. You are welcome to celebrate with us, from 11:00 to 21:00 hrs. At 15:00 hours, we have a happening  “Elämäntarinoita-Womens life stories”. The program will be ready soon.

On March 9, we continue celebrating the Woman’s Day. Salasanat, Sivuvalo, Naisten Neuvontatoimisto Nro. 1 and Arla Sauna present: Jälkilöylyt (essence). Welcome you to share nude words, poetry and conversations in the sauna. Kaarlenkatu 15, at 18:00 to 20:00 pm. The call is open!

And in May,  as part of Kallio Kukkii and into the Maailmankirja, we are preparing more presentations.

Soon more information about happenings.